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Frequent questions

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How can I make a reservation?

The ways to book a car are as follows:

  • Through a phone call

  • Contact us by e-mail


How can I pay?

The payment methods are as follows:

  • Cash

  • Deposit into a bank account

  • Credit card


Is it possible to register an additional driver?

Yes, all that is required is that they meet the conditions

of rental and to be declared at the start of the rental so that

are covered by insurance.


Is an international driver's license necessary?

For residents of USA, Canada, Australia and China international driver's license is required. For all other non-EU countries it is optional.


Is there a minimum age limit for the driver to rent the car?

The minimum age is 21 years.


Can I pick up and deliver the car to any place within Serifos?

Yes, delivery and collection of the car can be done in

any part of Serifou you wish.


Are there specific times when the car can be delivered and picked up?

Delivery and collection of the car can be done at any time between 07.00 and 23.00.


How is the car picked up?

There will be a person from our company to pick up the car, who will hold a card with your name on it. You, on the other hand, are required to have your driver's license and credit card.


Is it possible for the car to be fueled at the time of delivery?

Yes. Your only obligation is that when you deliver the car, there is as much fuel as when you receive it. In case of delivery of the car with less petrol than the starting petrol, the customer is charged for the fuel difference. No refund is given if the car is returned with more fuel than was received.


What will happen if there is a delay in the delivery of the car?

If you need to extend the rental period of the car, then you should contact us in time so that we can check the availability. In case of non-timely notification there will be an additional charge. More specifically, a delay of more than 5 hours results in an extra day's charge.


What if they cut my call?

In case you receive a summons for any offense you are required to pay the fee to the relevant authority, either you pay to us and we undertake its payment. 


How do I ensure the condition of the vehicle during
receipt of?

Upon receipt of the vehicle, a check is made by you and our partner with a special document on which damages or scratches were already present on the vehicle.


What is the minimum possible rent?

The minimum rental is 24 hours.

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